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CHINA JOURNAL OF CHINESE METERIA MEDICA is a comprehensive academic periodical edited and published by the Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, under the direction of Chinese Association of Science and Technology and the sponsorship of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (published semimonthly and distributed both inside and outside of China). The journal was started publication in July 1955.

  As a key periodical dedicated to the natural sciences in China, “CHINA JOURNAL OF CHINESE METERIA MEDICA” is the existing academic journal of Chinese materia medica that features the earliest initiation and the largest issue among all the Chinese pharmaceutical periodicals. The journal reports chiefly on the new achievements, technologies, methods, experiences and concepts resulting from the research on Chinese materia medica by following Chinese medical and pharmaceutical theories, traditional experiences, and modern science and technology, including medicinal resources and identification, cultivation, processing, preparation, chemistry, pharmacology, theory of Chinese pharmacy and clinical practice, Bencaological study, etc. The journal covers a variety of special columns such as monographs, summaries, reviews, experimental investigations, research notes, experience exchange, academic discussion, pharmaceutical management, contending views on academic topics, information, etc. The table of contents, abstracts and key words are prepared in English for the major papers. The journal is primarily intended for readers of different professional proficiency engaged in scientific research, teaching, medical practice, testing and inspecting, production and management of Chinese medicinal materials. Papers published in the journal are regularly digeted by the famous abstract publishers and data bases such as Chemical Abstracts (CA), Biological Abstracts (BA), International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA), and MEDLINE (USA).


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