Prevention and therapeutic effects of sika deer velvet collagen hydrolysateon osteoporosis in rats by retinoic acid
Received:October 26, 2009  
KeyWord:antler collagen  osteoporosis  hydrolysate
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LI Yinqing Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Changchun 130117, China  
ZHAO Yu Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Changchun 130117, China 
SUN Xiaodi Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Changchun 130117, China  
QU Xiaobo Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Changchun 130117, China  
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      The objective was to evaluate the preventive and therapeutic effects of the collagen hydrolysate extracted from Sika deer velvet (CSDV) on osteoporosis rats induced by retinoicacid. Histomorphometric indices and serum biochemical parameters were measured in osteoporosis rats treated with/without antler collagen and in sham-operated rats. Our results were as follows: compared with the osteoporosis group, significant elevation in the levels of bone mineral density (BMD), Ca, P and static histomorphometric indexes and biomechanical properties, but reduction in the level of serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) were observed in antler collagen-treated groups. However, the above function with the collagenase solution velvet material varied with the different doses.In conclusion, the extracted collagen is found to play a role in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis rats by retinoic acid.
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