Development of α-glucosidase inhibitor from medicinal herbs
Received: July 09, 2009  
KeyWord:α-glucosidase inhibitor  medicinal herbs  screening model  evaluation of mechanism
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      α-glucosidase inhibitor can reduce the postprandial hyperglycemia and have good effect on preventing and treating the diabetes and diabetic complication. Along with the application of acarbose which is a kind of α-glucosidase inhibitor, many research groups pay attention to the crude α-glucosidase inhibitor screened from the medicinal herbs in order to find new, safe, and effective medicine. The development of α-glucosidase inhibitor screened from the medicinal herbs and its evaluation in vivo and vitro as well as the varieties of the medicinal herbs that contain α-glucosidase inhibitor in recent 30 years were summarized in this paper.
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